Ecowise Planters


Welcome to the EcoWise Planters online shop, our boxes are innovative raised garden beds handcrafted from quality-recycled timber that was otherwise destined for landfill. EcoWise planter boxes are self-watering, using an inbuilt moisture wicking system that allows you to grow and harvest healthy plants all year round. EcoWise planter boxes are eco-friendly, low footprint and built by a professional carpenter in Melbourne, Australia.


    • Handcrafted in Australia
    • Perfect for small spaces
    • Water saving system
    • Suitable for growing vegetables, herbs & flowers
    • Excellent for beginners
    • Available in 4 colours

    • Eco friendly reclaimed timber
    • Externally waterproofed with non-toxic stain
    • Durable plastic lining
    • Irrigation system
    • Overflow pipe
    • Geotextile moisture wicking fabric
    • Lockable castor wheels
    • Approximately 20kg empty & 90kgs full

  • *please indicate colour preference upon checkout*

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