Ecowise Planters


Are you a foodie, renter or homeowner with limited outdoor space? Would you like fresh herbs, vegetables or insect repelling plants accessible at your café, school or office? Are you just starting out with home food production and need a fuss free system?

EcoWise highly adaptable, eco friendly and self watering raised planter boxes with optional lockable castor wheels and an ergonomic design, are the perfect solution for growing organic produce in even the tightest of spaces.



Handcrafted in Australia from reclaimed pine timber and quality fittings, these sturdy planter boxes are a water wise, productive closed system with low evaporation. This means that after planting out your box the built-in reservoir beneath supplies water from the bottom up – changing how you water your plants as they take only what is needed. This system encourages strong plant growth, healthy root systems and takes away the guesswork of how much and how often you should water.

EcoWise Planters are available for purchase via the shop page, if you require a custom size to be built for your home, business or school please enquire via the contact page here.